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Clear:  Clarity. Clearing out.  To empty and make room for something else. Something far greater.  To see and experience this with complete authenticity.

Sphere:  The world in which I chose to be a part.  The environment that I create for myself. The energy and vibrations that radiate from me and surround me.

I am the creator of the world that I see.  I clear the way….this is my path forward.

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I believe that my yoga practice is my non-negotiable, it’s the thing that makes me feel like me.  My style is very easy-going and playful.  I love teaching those new to the yoga practice because I know that there are many pretenses out there about what yoga is and is not.  I aim to dispel those and to meet you where you are on your yogic journey.  I infuse hatha yoga styles into my teaching.  I use Vinyasa flow and Kundalini practices as a foundation.

Every class weaves yogic philosophy and spiritual principles as well as a strong focus on meditation and breath-work.  We offer a variety of times and focuses for the classes.

~ Annelise Latini, Owner


  • Perfect space-- warm, inviting and relaxed atmosphere. Thank you for sharing your gift.

    Sue Paulhamus Johnson

  • Annelise has beautiful, loving energy and leads with this in her classes. I have returned to yoga after years of waiting for an instructor who is creates a safe environment for all levels of practice. Thank you!

    Ann House

  • My experience was fantastic! I'm a complete beginner and I appreciated the gentleness, trust and encouragement to listen to our own bodies that our (amazing!) instructor gave us throughout the whole class. I finished feeling connected, relaxed and eager to come back asap! Beautiful and calming space as well.

    Veruschka Stevens

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