Yang / Yin is a balancing class in which you give your body a little bit of both- basically half and half.  We call up our active sun side to move and engage our muscles, to raise our heart rate, and to feel the energetic effects of action.  We then elicit our passive lunar side to calm and cool, tap into our parasympathetic nervous system, use time and gravity to work on the fascia and connective tissue of the body.  We thrive when we are harmonious and balanced.

I am an RYT 200 teacher having received my teacher training from Asheville Yoga Center (Asheville, NC). I am certified as a Y12SR (yoga for addiction recovery) leader and believe in the healing power of yoga. I practice what I teach -the styes of Vinyasa flow (a flowing sequence of linked postures- breath is linked to movement), Kundalini (the yoga

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  1. Denise Cline
    4 hours ago

    I’m wondering if Yang Yin is ok for me. I’m a beginner. And when I say beginner I mean a beginner. I would love to come to the Wednesday class but want to make sure this is right for me.


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