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Reiki-Infused Restorative Yoga: Celebrating Solstice

Sunday, December 22nd  

5:30-7:30pm $25

with guest instructors Tawnia Converse (e-RYT-200 & Reiki II) & Lee Vanderhoof (Reiki Master Teacher & Kundalini Yoga Teacher).

Welcome back the light in celebration of Winter Solstice by giving yourself the gift of stillness, relaxation, restoration & renewal with a restorative yoga practice combined with the gentle healing energy of Reiki. During this very gentle practice, you will be guided through a series of yoga poses using props to support the body and guided relaxation to help release tension and quiet the mind. As you sink into these supported poses, you will receive a focused Reiki treatment to further support your sense of well-being for an overall experience that is balancing and nurturing to mind, body and spirit.
No previous experience with Reiki or yoga are necessary.
This session is guided by Tawnia Converse (e-RYT-200 & Reiki II) & Lee Vanderhoof (Reiki Master Teacher & Kundalini Yoga Teacher).
Space is limited to 12; pre-registration requested.

Class is HEATED!

This POWERFUL practice will increase strength, stamina, and flexibility on both physically and mentally. Focus will be on connection to breath and conscious, fluid movement, as well as attention to mindset to prepare you for life off of the mat. Great for all levels of experience. You will be encouraged to honor exactly where you are, while curious about your edge between enough and too much. Pace of practice will be conducive to developing self-awareness.

These classes are not part of our regular weekly, they are additions to our schedule.

Wednesday, December 18th
Thursday, December 26th
Monday, December 30th

Students may use their class passes, unlimited monthly passes (including Inner Sphere of course) and drop-ins $15 are always welcome!

you are encouraged to pre-register using our MINDBODY application or via the website but we have ample space for walk-ins!

AYURVEDA Workshop: Kapha Yoga with visiting teacher Rachel Bush

Kapha Yoga:

Stay warm and bright this winter with a strength building and playful
practice to nurture and pacify Kapha Dosha.

In Ayurveda the passage of the seasons marks a sacred cycle that
deeply affects our bodies, hearts and state of mind. Winter and Early
Spring are considered Kapha time. Kapha’s qualities are cold, damp and
heavy. This can leave us feeling heavy, stiff and depressed. In this
workshop we will learn how by using the principles of Ayurveda we can
restore balance to groggy Kapha through a light-hearted,
strength-building and playful practice.

If you are needing a pick me up this winter- join us!

In this workshop we will discuss:

the nature of kapha dosha and how it affects all of us in the winter
and early spring
How asana affects the pranic body
the psychology of kapha dosha
How to modify our asana practice to balance and restore our kapha dosha
heart-based meditation

$30 (Inner Sphere $24)