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Laurene Roup

Hi I’m Laurene. I am a free spirit and celebrator of life. My passion is to live a life of service filled with love, movement and adventure. My lens on life is nature-focused. Living consciously changed my life. I hope to inspire others to welcome conscious consumerism, sustainability, minimalism, and compassionate eating into their lives. It’s cool, I am openly a tree hugger (literally). Evergreens are my favorite part of nature. I am in my element with a backpack full of all I need for a few days and some mountains to climb. I am a yogi on and off my mat. Bhakti yoga is my jam, but I enjoy Ashtanga, Hatha and Vinyasa styles of yoga. In October, I will travel to Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica to Passion Yoga School to complete my RYT-200 hour certification. I am truly grateful to learn under the guidance of Annelise here at Clear Sphere.